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The foundation of the Institute for Plasma Science and Technology

 An important official communication from the President of the CNR on 9 April 2019 enacts the birth of the Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (ISTP).

Within the new Institute, which is the result of a process of unification among different CNR Institutes, the scientific and technological skills of the Institute of Plasma Physics "P.Caldirola" (IFP) of Milan, of the Ionized Gas Institute (IGI ) of Padua and a part of the Institute of Nanotechnology (NANOTEC) of Bari.

Our new reality settles us therefore more involved on the front line in research activities with an extremely broad spectrum of expertise in the fields of plasma physics and technology:

  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion;
  • Design, construction and operation of thermonuclear fusion devices;
  • Low temperature plasmas and their applications;
  • Aerospace plasmas;
  • Astrophysical plasmas and space plasmas;
  • Plasma interaction with particle beams, electromagnetic radiation and materials and related technological applications;
  • Laser-plasma and physical interaction of plasmas in extreme conditions.

In addition to the headquarters located at the CNR Research Area 3 in ​​Milan, the Institute includes the following secondary offices:

Secondary Office of Padua, c / o the CNR Research Area of ​​Padua, Corso Stati Uniti 4, Padua.

Bari Secondary Office, c / o the CNR Research Area of ​​Bari, Via Amendola 122 / D, Bari.

Milan, April 12th 2019.


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