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Waves and plasma

ISTP-Milan has a long tradition regarding theoretical studies in the field of the interaction between electromagnetic waves and magnetically confined plasmas. Different models that allow to describe the linear and quasi-linear interaction of electronic cyclotron waves (ECW) with magnetised plasmas at high temperature and in toroidal geometry have been developed. The basic interest of this kind of research lies in the use of powerful millimetre waves to heat (electron cyclotron heating, ECH) plasmas confined in tokamak machines, to generate non-inductive plasma currents (non-inductive current drive, CD), in order to stabilise magnetohydrodynamic modes and to assist the break-down of the plasma during the startup phase in a tokamak. In this field, ray tracing and beam tracing codes have been developed, codes capable to describe electromagnetic wave beams propagation, Fokker-Planck kinetic codes, for  the detailed calculation of absorption of radiation and CD efficiency in presence of both ECW and lower hybrid (LH) waves. Such codes are currently exploited for prediction/interpretation of ECH and ECCD experiments, for the interpretation of electron cyclotron radiation emission signals and of spectra measured by the Collective Thomson Scattering diagnostic, being they used either for experiments that are carried out in several European tokamak, mainly as part of activities under EUROfusion grants, or in the framework of activities funded by Fusion for Energy (F4E) and by the ITER International Organisation (ITER IO).


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