Theory and numerical modelling of fusion plasmas

The theoretical and modelling activities carried on at ISTP-Milan cover several research topics, among which:

  • high-power electromagnetic waves propagation in magnetized plasmas, with a particular focus on the physics mechanisms leading to the absorption of radiation at frequency close to the Electron Cyclotron (EC) frequency, for applications in magnetically confined plasmas;
  • particle, energy and momentum transport processes in magnetically confined plasmas with tokamak geometry, with fluid and kinetic modelling codes;
  • MagnetoHydroDynamic (MHD) instabilities and their control in tokamak plasmas;
  • development of numerical codes for fusion plasma diagnostics data analysis. A particular effort is devoted to the development of theoretical models of interest for neutron and gamma-ray spectroscopy, electron cyclotron emission and collective Thomson scattering diagnostics, central to many experiments we are involved in.

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