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Plasma theory and nuclear fusion theory

Since the foundation of IFP, now ISTP-Milan, the Institute has been focused on theoretical studies of plasma Physics, aimed to both fundamental studies and applications. The studies primarily concern the Physics of the interaction between electromagnetic waves and non-collisional plasmas, involving different applications in the field of magnetically confined fusion, inertial fusion, acceleration of charged particles produced by ultra-intense lasers and astrophysics. In addition, of particular relevance is the theoretical research in the field of Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), of the magnetic reconnection and of transport Physics in magnetized and inhomogeneous plasmas, including applications in the fields of magnetic fusion and astrophysics. Particular effort is devoted to the development of theoretical models with a direct relevance and applicability to the experiments in which the Institute is involved. Finally, several other issues regarding plasma Physics fundamentals are being investigated at ISTP-Milan.


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