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Physics of Plasma and Thermonuclear Fusion

Magnetically confined plasma physics

Since the foundation of IFP, now ISTP-Milan, the Institute has been focused on theoretical studies... Read more ›

Plasma-waves interaction. Plasma heating by radiofrequency

ISTP-Milan has a long tradition regarding theoretical studies in the field of the interaction between... Read more ›

Plasma-materials interaction

Low-temperature plasmas are often referred to as gas discharges, in which the plasma is generated... Read more ›

Plasma diagnostics

... Read more ›

Experimental activities on fusion plasmas

ISTP (fka IFP) contribution to Frascati Tokamak Upgrade experiment regards the management and use... Read more ›

Plasma theory and modelling

The theoretical and modelling activities carried on at ISTP-Milan cover several research topics, among... Read more ›

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