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The device

GyM (acronym for Gyrotron Machine) is a linear device designed and built in IFP (now ISTP), with the aim of studying basic plasma physics and plasma-wall iteration for fusion applications. The machine is in operation since 2008.

The cylindrical stainless steel vacuum chamber (R = 12.5 cm and L = 2 m) is equipped with 32 flanges for diagnostic tools, pumping and sample insertion system.

A movable set of 10 magnetic coils produce a linear magnetic field able to reach the value of 0.13 T (equal to about 260 times the Earth's magnetic field) on the axis of the vacuum chamber. 

A highly reproducible plasma (H2, D2, He, Ar, N2) is obtained by means of radio frequency sources (two magnetrons at frequency 2.45 GHz capable of delivering up to 4.5 kW of power in continuous, and 8 kW in pulsed mode).

The microwave power at 2.45 GHz produces a plasma with electron density 1015 -1017 m-3 and electron temperature up to 10 eV. The next upgrade, in progress, will allow connecting the device to a microwave source (Gyrotron) at 28 GHz (15 kW in continuous or pulsed) to increase performance in terms of density and electron temperature.

GyM is equipped with diagnostic tools for the measurement of the basic plasma parameters. These are: Langmuir probes (fixed and mobile), optical emission spectroscopy, a fast camera (250 kframes / sec) with image intensifier, and mass spectrometer.

The GyM experimental program covers different aspects and phenomena, such as studies on turbulence and on coherent structures of the tokamak plasma edge, instability associated with the drift waves and studies of the electron velocity distribution function. High-density plasmas also allow study of the interaction between energetic ions and the material surfaces with the possibility of characterizing high technological processes, in the framework of the European Fusion Program.

Codes for data analysis are developed and available for the interpretation of the measurements.

Moreover with GyM we encourages basic plasma physics research, necessary to the development of skills in fusion field, and strengthens its role for integration of young researchers into the European Fusion Program, in collaboration with the University of Milano-Bicocca. The GyM lab in fact is a facility where laboratory courses of Plasma Physics within the Degree in Physics are carried out.


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