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International journals 2008

Gatu Johnson M., Giacomelli L., Hjalmarsson A., Kallne J., Weiszflog M., Andersson Sundén E., Conroy S., Ericsson G., Hellesen C., Ronchi E., Sj&uulm;strand H., Gorini G., Tardocchi M., Combo A., Cruz N., Sousa J., Popovichev S. and JET-EFDA contributors
The 2.5-MeV neutron time-of-flight spectrometer TOFOR for experiments at JET
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 591, 417-430 (2008)
Sharapov S. E., Eriksson L.-G., Fasoli A., Gorini G., Kallne J., Kiptily V. G., Korotkov A. A., Murari A., Pinches S. D., Testa D. S. and Thomas P. R.
Burning Plasma Studies at JET
Fusion Science and Technology, 53, 989-1022 (2008)
Pereira R. C., Sousa J., Fernandes A. M., Patricio F., Carvalho B., Neto A., Varandas C. A. F., Gorini G., Tardocchi M., Gin D., Shevelev A.
ATCA data acquisition system for gamma-ray spectrometry
Fusion Engineering and Design, Vol. 83, 341-345 (2008)
Neto A., Sousa J., Carvalho B., Fernandes H., Pereira R. C., Fernandes A. M., Varandas C., Gorini G., Tardocchi M., Gin D., Shevelev A., Kneupner K. and JET-EFDA Contributors
The control and data acquisition software for the gamma-ray spectroscopy ATCA sub-systems of the JET-EP2 enhancements
Fusion Engineering and Design, 83, 346-349 (2008)
Giacomelli L., Hjalmarsson A., Källne J., Hellesen C., Tardocchi M., Gorini G., Van Eester D., Lerche E., Johnson T., Kiptily V., Conroy S, Andersson Sundén E., Ericsson G., Gatu Johnson M., Sj&oulm;strand H., Weizsflog M. and JET EFDA contributors
Neutron Emission Spectroscopy Results For ITB And Mode Conversion ICRH Experiments At JET
Rev. Sci. Instr., 79, 10E514 (2008)
Tardocchi M., Proverbio I., Gorini G., Grosso G., Locatelli M., Chugonov I. N., Gin D. B., Shevelev A. E., Murari A., Kiptily V. G., Syme B., Sousa J. and JET EFDA contributors
Gamma ray spectroscopy at high energy and time resolution at JET
Rev. Sci. Instr., 79, 10E524 (2008)
Hellesen C., Ballabio L., Conroy S., Ericsson G., Giacomelli L., Gorini G., Hjalmarsson A., Johnsson M.G., K&aulm;llne J., Ronchi E., Sundén E. A., Tardocchi M., Weiszflog M., Voitsekhovitch I. and JET EFDA contributors
Validating TRANSP Simulations using Neutron Emission Spectroscopy with Dual Sight Lines
Rev. Sci. Instr., 79, 10E510 (2008)
Ghezzi F., Tolstogouzov A.
Boron deposition on the graphite tiles of the RFX device studied by secondary ion mass spectrometry
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 373, 402–406 (2008)
Bruschi A., Cirant S., Moro A., Simonetto A.
Beam Combination and Routing at High Power with a Ring-type Waveguide Millimeter-Wave Resonator
Fusion Science and Technology, 53, p.97 (2008)
Bruschi A., Bin W., Cirant S., Gandini F., Mellera V., Muzzini V.
High-Power Millimeter-Wave Calorimetric Beam Absorbers
Fusion Science and Technology, 53, p.62 (2008)
Prater R., Farina D., Gribov Yu., Harvey R. W., Ram A. K., Lin-Liu Y. R., Poli E., Smirnov A. P., Volpe F., Westerhof E., Zvonkov A. and the ITPA Steady State Operation Topical Group
Benchmarking of codes for electron cyclotron heating and electron cyclotron current drive under ITER conditions
Nucl. Fusion, 48, 035006 (2008)
Esposito B., Granucci G., Smeulders P., Nowak S., Martín-Solís J. R., Gabellieri L., FTU and ECRH teams
Disruption Avoidance in the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade by Means of Magnetohydrodynamic Mode Stabilization Using Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance Heating
Physical Review Letters, 100, 045006 (2008)
Minardi E., Sozzi C., Mantica P. and JET-EFDA contributors
Stationary magnetic entropy tokamak states and experimental observations
Nucearl Fusion, 48, 045001 (2008)
Platania P., Sozzi C.
Detailed beam pattern calculation for the ITER Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive Upper Launcher
Fusion Science and Technology, 53, p.77 (2008)
Cirant S.
Overview of Electron Cyclotron and Electron Cyclotron Current Drive Launcher Development in Magnetic Fusion Devices
Fusion Science and Technology, 53, p.12-38 (2008)
Cirant S., Berrino J., Buratti P., D'Antona G., Gandini F., Granucci G., Iannone E., Lazzaro E., Mellera V., Muzzini V., Smeulders P., Tudisco O.
ECH/ECCD Applications for MHD Studies and Automatic Control in FTU Tokamak
Fusion Science and Technology, 53, p.174-183 (2008)
Cremona A., Vassallo E., Merlo A., Srikantha Phani A., Laguardia L.
Deposition of silicon-like hybrid films by PECVD on carbonfiber-reinforced polymers for high-precision engineering applications
J. Phys. Conf. Ser., 100, 062005 (2008)
Cirant S., Sauter O., Thumm M. and Luce T. C.
Summary of the 4th IAEA Technical Meeting on ECRH Physics and Technology for ITER
Nucl. Fusion, 48, 054001 (2008)
Kasparek W., Petelin M. I., Yu Shchegolkov D., Erckmann V., Plaum B., Bruschi A., ECRH Groups at IPP Greifswald, FZK Karlsruhe and IPF Stuttgart
A fast switch, combiner and narrow-band filter for high-power millimetre wave beams
Nucl. Fusion, 48, 054010 (2008)
Ramponi G., Farina D., Henderson M. A., Poli E., Sauter O., Saibene G., Zohm H. and Zucca C.
Physics analysis of the ITER ECW system for optimized performance
Nucl. Fusion, 48, 054012 (2008)
Henderson M. A., Heidinger R., Strauss D., Bertizzolo R., Bruschi A., Chavan R., Ciattaglia E., Cirant S., Collazos A., Danilov I., Dolizy F., Duron J., Farina D., Fischer U., Gantenbein G., Hailfinger G., Kasparek W., Kleefeldt K., Landis J.-D., Meier A., Moro A., Platania P., Plaum B., Poli E., Ramponi G., Saibene G., Sanchez F., Sauter O., Serikov A., Shidara H., Sozzi C., Spaeh P., Udintsev V. S., Zohm H. and Zucca C.
Overview of the ITER EC upper launcher
Nucl. Fusion, 48, 054013 (2008)
Graswinckel M. F., Bongers W. A., de Baar M. R., van den Berg M. A., Denisov G., Donné A. J. H., Elzendoorn B. S. Q., Goede A. P. H., Heidinger R., Kuzikov S., Kruijt O. G., Kruizinga B., Moro A., Poli E., Ronden D. M. S., Saibene G., Thoen D. J. and Verhoeven A. G. A.
Advanced launcher design options for electron cyclotron current drive on ITER based on remote steering
Nucl. Fusion, 48, 054015 (2008)
Cremona A., Vassallo E., Merlo A., Srikantha Phani A., Laguardia L.
Synthesis by plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition and characterization of siliconlike films with hydrophobic functionalities for improved long-term geometric stability of fiber-reinforced polymers
J. Mater. Res., Vol. 23, 4 (2008)
Farina D.
Relativistic Dispersion Relation of Electron Cyclotron Waves Fusion Science & Technology, 53, 130-138 (2008)
Mantica P., Corrigan G., Garbet X., Imbeaux F., Lonnroth J., Parail V., Tala T., A. Taroni, Valisa M. and Weisen H.
Core transport studies in JET
Fusion Science & Technology, 53, 1152-1216 (2008)
Lazzaro E.
La Fusione Nucleare e la Fisica del Plasma
Archi, Vol. 2, 74 (2008)
Varischetti M. C., Lontano M., Valdettaro L., Lazzaro E.
Global stability analysis of ITG modes in the presence of a field-aligned ion flow
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 50, 105008 (2008)
Passoni M., Lontano M.
Theory of Light-Ion Acceleration Driven by a Strong Charge Separation
Physical review Letters, 101, 115001 (2008)
The American Physical Society
Levy Alan R., Leonardi Rodrigo, Ansmann Markus, Bersanelli Marco, Childers Jeffery, Cole Terrence D., D'Arcangelo Ocleto., Davis G. Vietor, Lubin Philip M., Marvil Joshua, Meinhold Peter R., Miller Gerald, O'Neill Hugh, Stavola Fabrizio, Stebor Nathan C., Timbie Peter T., van der Heide Maarten, Villa Fabrizio, Villela Thyrso, Williams Brian D. and Wuensche Carlos A.
The White Mountain Polarimeter Telescope and an Upper Limit on Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 177, Issue 2, pp. 419-430, August 2008
Ognissanto F., Gorini G., Tardocchi M., Albergante M., Ballabio L., Conroy S. and Källne J.
Line integration effects on ion temperatures in tokamak plasmas measured with neutron emission spectroscopy Review of Scientific Instruments, 79, (2008)
AIP Journals
Del Castillo Negrete D., Mantica P., Naulin V., Rasmussen J. J. and JET EFDA contributors
A Fractional diffusion models of non-local perturbative transport: numerical results and application to JET experiments
Nucl. Fusion, 48, 075009 (2008)
Rondanini M., Cavallotti C., Ricci D., Chrastina D., Isella G., Moiseev T. and von Kanel H.
An experimental and theoretical investigation of a magnetically confined dc plasma discharge
Journal of Applied Physics, 104 (1), 013304, (2008)
D'Antona G., Lazzaro E.
Il nuovo mito di Prometeo: la fusione nucleare
L'Elettrotecnica, 12, 30 (2008)

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