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International journals 2004

Mantsinen M.J., Mayoral M.-L., Van Eester D., Alper B., Barnsley R., Beaumont P., Bucalossi J., Coffey I., Conroy S., de Baar M., de Vries P., Erents K., Figueiredo A., Gondhalekar A., Gowers C., Hellsten T., Joffrin E., Kiptily V., Lamalle P.U., Lawson K., Lyssoivan A., Mailloux J., Mantica P., Meo F., Milani F., Monakhov I., Murari A., Nguyen F., Noterdaeme J.-M., Ongena J., Petrov Yu., Rachlew E., Riccardo V., Righi E., Rimini F., Stamp M., Tuccillo A.A., Zastrow K.D., Zerbini M. and JET EFDA contributors
Localized bulk electron heating with ICRF mode conversion in the JET tokamak
Nuclear Fusion 44, 33-46 (2004)
IAEA, Vienna
Bulanov S.V., Esirkepov T.Zh., Koga J. and Farina D.
Concerning the Maximum Energy of Ions Accelerated at the Front of a Relativistic Electron Cloud Expanding into Vacuum
Plasma Physics Reports 30,18-29 (2004)
Smetanin I.V., Farina D., Koga J., Nakajima K. and Bulanov S.V.
Evolution of an intense elliptically polarized electromagnetic wave in underdense plasmas
Physics Letters A 320, 438-445 (2004)
Coelho R. and Lazzaro E.
Bifurcation of generic metastable tearing modes interacting with resonant magnetic fields
Physics of Plasmas 11, 1440-1444 (2004)
American Institute of Physics
Passoni M., Tikhonchuk V.T., Lontano M. and Bychenkov V.Yu.
Charge separation effects in solid targets and ion acceleration with a two-temperature electron distribution
Physical Review E 69, 026411-1,026411-11 (2004)
The American Physical Society
Tardocchi M., Gorini G., Henriksson G. and Källne J.
Ion temperature and plasma rotation manifestations in the neutron emission from plasmas
Rev. Scientific Instr. 75, 661-668(2004)
American Institute of Physics, 2004
Porcelli F., Annibaldi S.V., Borgogno D., Buratti P., Califano F., Coelho R., Giovannozzi E., Grasso D., Lazzaro E.,Pegoraro F, Ottaviani M. and Smolyakov A.I.
Predicting the behaviour of magnetic reconnection processes in fusion burning plasma experiments
Nuclear Fusion 44, 362-371 (2004)
IAEA, Vienna
Gormezano C., Buratti P., Apicella M.L., Barbato E., Bracco G., Cardinali A., Castaldo C., Cesario R., Cirant S., Crisanti F., De Benedetti M., Esposito B., Frigione D., Gabellieri L., Giovannozzi E., Granucci G., Kroegler H., Leigheb M., Marinucci M., Pacella D., Panaccione L., Pericoli-Ridolfini V., Pieroni L., Podda S., Fomanelli F., Romanelli M., Smeulders P., Sozzi C., Tuccillo A.A. and Tudisco O.
Highlights of the physics studies in the FTU
Fusion Science and Technology 45, 302-322 (2004)
American Nuclear Society
Barbato E., Pericoli-Ridolfini V., Castaldo C., Esposito B., Giovannozzi E., Gormezano C., Granucci G., Leigheb M., Marinucci M., Mirizzi F., Panaccione L., Podda S., Romanelli M., Smeulders P. and Sozzi C.
Internal transport barrier studies in the FTU
Fusion Science and Technology 45, 323-338 (2004)
American Nuclear Society
Buratti P., Airoldi A., Alladio F., Annibaldi V., Bruschi A., Cirant S., Coelho R.M., Gandini F., Giovannozzi E., Lazzaro E., Micozzi P.,Nowak S., Porcelli F., Ramponi G. and Smeulders P.
Magnetohydrodynamic studies in the FTU
Fusion Science and Technology 45, 350-369 (2004)
American Nuclear Society
Esposito B., Buratti P., Cirant S., Leigheb M., Bracco G., Carraro L., Cocilovo V., Gabellieri L., Gandini F., Giovannozzi E., Gormezano C., Jacchia A., Lazzaro E., De Luca F., Marinucci M., Minardi E., Nowak S., Pacella D., Panaccione L., Romanelli M., Sozzi C. and Tudisco O.
Transport studies in the FTU
Fusion Science and Technology 45, 370-386 (2004)
American Nuclear Society
Granucci G., Airoldi A., Barbato E., Bruschi A., Cardinali A., Castaldo C., Cesario R., Cirant S., Esposito B., Farina D., Gandini F., Giruzzi G., Gormezano C., Leigheb M., Marinucci M., Mirizzi F., Nowak S., Panaccione L., Pericoli-Ridolfini V., Podda S., Ramponi G., Ravera G.L., Saveliev A.N., Simonetto A., Sozzi C., Tuccillo A.A. and Zonca F.
Radio-frequency wave physics in the FTU
Fusion Science and Technology 45, 387-401 (2004)
American Nuclear Society
Tudisco O., Apruzzese G.M., Buratti P., Cantarini L., Canton A., Carraro L., Cocilovo V., De Angelis R., De Benedetti M., Esposito B., Gabellieri L., Granucci G., Grosso L.A., Grosso G., Innocente P., Kroegler H., Leigheb M., Monari G., Pacella D., Panaccione L., Pericoli-Ridolfini V., Pizzicaroli G., Podda S., Puiatti M.E., Rocchi G., Sibio A., Simonetto A., Smeulders P., Tartari U., Tartoni N., Tilia B., Valisa M., Zanza V. and Zerbini M.
The diagnostic systems in the FTU
Fusion Science and Technology 45, 402-421 (2004)
American Nuclear Society
Aquilini M., Baldi L., Bibet P., Bozzi R., Bruschi A., Cesario R., Cirant S., Ferro C., Gandini F., Di Giovenale S., Granucci G., Fortunato T., Maddaluno G., De Marco F., Maffia G., Marra A., Mellera V., Mirizzi F., Muzzini V., Nardone A., Orsini A., Papalini M., Papitto P., Pericoli-Ridolfini V., Petrolini P., Petrosino S., Podda S., Ravera G.L., Righetti G.B., Roccon M., Santini F., Sassi M., Simonetto A., Sozzi C., Spinicchia N., Tuccillo A.A. and Zampelli P.
The heating and current drive systems of the FTU
Fusion Science and Technology 45, 459-482 (2004)
American Nuclear Society
Cuttaia F., Valenziano L., Bersanelli M., Butler R.C., D'Arcangelo O., Kettle D., Levin S., Mandolesi N., Mennella A., Morgante G., Morigi G., Roddis N., Simonetto A., Terenzi L., Tomasi M., Villa F.
Analysis of the radiometer-reference load system on board the Planck/LFI instrument
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research A 520, 396-401 (2004)
Passoni M. and Lontano M.
One-dimensional model of the electrostatic ion acceleration in the ultraintense laser-solid interaction
Laser and Particle Beams 22, 163-169 (2004)
Cambridge University Press, USA
Garbet X., Mantica P., Ryter F., Cordey G., Imbeaux F., Sozzi C., Manini A., Asp E., Parail V., Wolf R. and the JET EFDA Contributors
Profile stiffness and global confinement
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 46, 1351-1373 (2004)
Martin-Solis J.R., Esposito B., Sanchez R. and Granucci G.
Runaway electron behaviour during electron cyclotron resonance heating in the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade
Nuclear Fusion 44, 974-981 (2004)
IAEA, Vienna
Smolyakov A.I. and Lazzaro E.
On neoclassical effects in the theory of magnetic islands
Physics of Plasmas 11, 4353-4360 (2004)
Farina D., and Pozzoli R.
Large-amplitude oscillations and chaos in a Hamiltonian plasma system with many degrees of freedom
Physical Review E 70, 036407-1/5 (2004)
Esposito B., Marinucci M., Romanelli M., Bracco G., Castaldo C., Cocilovo V., Giovannozzi E., Leigheb M., Monari G., Nowak S., Sozzi C., Tudisco O., Cesario R., Frigione D., Gormezano C., Granucci G., Panaccione L., Pericoli-Ridolfini V., Pieroni L. and FTU and ECRH teams
Transport analysis of ohmic, L-mode and improved confinement discharges in FTU
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 46, 1793-1804 (2004)
Garbet X., Mantica P., Angioni C., Asp E., Baranov Y, Bourdelle C., Budny R., Crisanti F., Cordey G., Garzotti L., Kirneva N., Hogeweij D., Hoang T., Imbeaux F., Joffrin E., Litaudon X., Manini A., McDonald D.C., Nordman H., Parail V., Peeters A., Ryter F., Sozzi C., Valovic M., Tala T., Thyagaraja A., Voitsekhovitch I., Weiland J., Weisen H., Zabolotsky A. and the JET EFDA Contributors
Physics of transport in tokamaks
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 46, B557-B574 (2004)
Bombarda F., Coppi B., Airoldi A., Cenacchi G., Detragiache P., Ignitor Project Group
Ignitor: Physics and progress towards ignition
Brazilian Journal of Physics 34, 1786-1791 (2004)
Brazilian Physical Society, Brazil
Grasso D., Borgogno D., Califano F., Farina D., Pegoraro F., Porcelli F.
Numerical solution of a reduced model of collisionless magnetic reconnection in two and three dimensions
Computer Physics Communications 164, 23-28 (2004)
ELSEVIER, Netherlands
Giovannozzi E., Annibaldi S.V., Buratti P., Frigione D., Lazzaro E., Panaccione L. and Tudisco O.
Magnetic island structures and their rotation after pellet injection in FTU
Nucl. Fusion 44, 226-231 (2004)
IAEA, Vienna
Giruzzi G., Artaud JF., Dumont RJ., Imbeaux F., Bibet P., Berger-By G., Bouquey F., Clary J., Darbos C., Ekedahl A., Hoang GT., Lennholm M., Maget P., Magne R., Segui JL., Bruschi A. and Granucci G.
Synergy of electron-cyclotron and lower-hybrid current drive in steady-state plasmas
Physical Review Letters 93, 255002-255002_4 (2004)
Tardocchi M., Gorini G., Palma D., Sozzi C., K&AULM;llne J., Conroy S., Ericsson G., Giacomelli L., Glasser W., Henriksson G., Hjalmarsson A., Ronchi E., Sjostrand H., Weiszflog M. and Popovichev S.
TI control and monitoring system for fusion neutron spectroscopy on the Joint Euroipean Torus
Rev. Scientific Instr. 75, 3543-3546 (2004)

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