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Scientific reports 2003

Scientific reports Rapporto scientifico International journals
Lazzaro E. and Zanca P.
Effects of a non-resonant m=0 n=1 perturbation driven by coupling to the m=2 n=1 mode in an elongated Tokamak
FP 03/1 Jan 2003
Passoni M. and Lontano M.
A one-dimensional model for the electrostatic ion acceleration at a sharp plasma-vacuum interface
FP 03/2 May 2003
Ghezzi F., Dell'Era F. and Gittini G.
Spettroscopia di scattering di ioni a bassa energia presso l'IFP
FP 03/3 May 2003
Bobrova N.A., Lazzaro E. and Sasarov P.V.
MHD two-temperature equations for multi component plasma
FP 03/4 June 2003
Farina D.
EC power absorption and current generation in a toroidal system
FP 03/5 September 2003
Farina D., Nowak S. and Ramponi G.
ECWGB: a beam tracing code for EC heating and current drive
FP 03/6 October 2003
Farina D., Nowak S. and Ramponi G.
Physics design analysis for the ITER ECRH & CD upper launcher (work done under EFDA Tasks ECHULA)
FP 03/7 October 2003
Airoldi A. and Cenacchi G.
Overview of Ignitor performance predictions
FP 03/8 November 2003
Ghezzi F., Sancrotti M. and Dell'Era F.
Plasma-Wall Interaction on Boronized Tiles Studied via X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy Analysis
FP 03/9 December 2003

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