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International journals 2002

Smolyakov A.I.,Lazzaro E., Coelho R., and Ozeki T.
Role of the shear flow profile on the stability of magnetic islands
Physics of Plasmas 9, 371-374 (2002)
American Institute of Physics, USA
Bonizzoni G. and Vassallo E.
Plasma physics and technology; industrial applications
Vacuum 64, 327-336 (2002)
Ghezzi F. and De Angeli M.
On the dependence of true hydrogen equilibrium pressure on the granular size distribution of the Zr(Fe0.5Mn0.5)2 getter alloy
J. Alloys and Compounds 330-332, 76-80 (2002)
Weisen H., Furno I., Alberti S., Angioni C., Appert K., Behn R., Blanchard P., Bosshard P., Coda S., Condrea I., Degeling A., Duval B.P., Gomez P., Goodman T.P., Henderson M.A., Hofmann F., Hogge J.-P., Joye B., Lister J.B., Llobet X., Manini A., Martin Y.R., Martynov A., Mayor J.-M., Minardi E., Mlynar J., Moret J.-M., Nikkola P., Pietrzyk Z.A., Pitts R.A., Pochelon A., Reimerdes H., Rommers J.H., Sauter O., Scavino E., Tonetti G., Tran M.Q. and Zabolotsky A.
Shape dependence of sawtooth inversion radii and profile peaking factors in TCV L mode plasmas
Nuclear Fusion 42, 136-142 (2002)
IAEA, Vienna
Lontano M. and Ryutov D.
Long-range perturbations produced by a localized packet of ion-acoustic waves in a collisionless plasma
The European Physical Journal D 18, 347-351 (2002)
EDP Sciences
Lazzaro E. and Coelho R.
Generic structure of externally driven tearing modes instabilities
The European Physical Journal D 19, 97-101 (2002)
EDP Sciences
Lontano M., Bulanov S.V, Koga J., Passoni M. and Tajima T.
A kinetic model for the one-dimensional electromagnetic solitons in an isothermal plasma
Physics of Plasmas 9, 2562-2568 (2002)
American Institute of Physics, USA
Lazzaro E.
Response of reconnecting perturbations to external helical magnetic fields
J. of Magnetohydrodynamics, Plasma and Space ResearchÊ11, 115-130 (2002)
Nova Science Publishers, New York
Airoldi A. and Cenacchi G.
Comment on the article: Ignitor physics assessment and confinement projections
Nuclear Fusion 42, 933-933 (2002)
IAEA, Vienna
Sakai J., Saito S., Mae H., Farina D., Lontano M., Califano F., Pegoraro F. and Bulanov S.V.
Ion acceleration, magnetic field line reconnection, and multiple current filament coalescence of a relativistic electron beam in a plasma
Physics of Plasmas 9, 2959-2970 (2002)
American Institute of Physics
Jacchia A., De Luca F., Cirant S., Sozzi C., Bracco G., Bruschi A., Buratti P., Podda S. and Tudisco O.
Gradient length driven electron heat transport study in modulated enectron cyclotron heating FTU tokamak
Nuclear Fusion 42, 1116-1123 (2002)
IAEA, Vienna
Tala T.J.J., Parail V.V., Becoulet A., Challis C.D., Corrigan G., Hawkes N.C., Heading D.,J., Mantsinen M.J., Nowak S., and contributors to the EFDA-JET work programme
Impact of different heating and current drive methods on the early q-profile evolution in JET,
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 44, 1181-1202 (2002)
Henriksson H., Conroy S., Ericsson G., Gorini G., Hjalmarsson A., KŠllne J., Tardocchi M. and contributors to the EFDA-JET Workprogramme
Neutron emission from JET DT plasmas with RF heating on minority hydrogen
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 44, 1253-1261 (2002)
Joffrin E., Gorini G., Challis C. D., Hawkes N. C., Hender T. C., Howell D. F., Maget P., Mantica P., Mazon D., Sharapov S. E., Tresset G. and contributors to the EFDA-JET Workprogramme
Triggering of internal transport barrier in JET
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 44, 1739-1752 (2002)
Lazzaro E., Buttery R. J. and Hender T.C., Zanca P., Fitzpatrick R., Bigi M., Bolzonella T., Coelho R., DeBenedetti M., Nowak S., Sauter O., Stamp M. and contributors to the EFDA-JET work programme
Error field locked modes thresholds in rotating plasmas, anomalous braking and spin-up
Physics of Plasmas 9, 3906-3918 (2002)
American Institute of Physics
Tardocchi M., Conroy S., Ericsson G., Gorini G., Henriksson H. and KŠllne J.
Neutron emission spectroscopy of radio frequency heated (D)T plasmas
Nuclear Fusion 42, 1273-1288 (2002)
IAEA, Vienna
Mantica P., Gorini G., Imbeaux F., Kinsey J., Sarazin Y., Budny R., Coffey I., Dux R., Garbet X., Garzotti L., Ingesson C., Kissick M., Parail V., Sozzi C., Walden A. and contributors to the EFDA-JET Workprogramme
Perturbative transport experiments in JET low or reverse magnetic shear plasmas
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 44, 2185-2215 (2002)
Platania P., Burigana C., De Zotti G., Lazzaro E., and Bersanelli M.
Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect from Quasar-driven Blast-waves
Monthly Notices Roy. Astr. Society 337, 242-247(2002)
Blackwell Publishing, UK
Bertocchi A., Buceti G., Centioli C., Granucci G., Iannone F., Lupini S., Mazza G., Panella M. and Vitale V.
New digital waveform reference for ECRH on FTU
Fusion Engineering and Design 60, 389-395 (2002)
Villa F., Sandri M., Mandolesi N., Nesti R., Bersanelli M., Simonetto A., Sozzi C., D'Arcangelo O., Muzzini V., Mennella A., Guzzi P., Radaelli P., Fusi R. and Alippi E.
High performance corrugated feed horns for space applications at millimetre wavelengths
Experimental Astronomy 14, 1-15 (2002)
Kluwer Academic Publ, Netherlands

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