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National journals 1998

Ghezzi F., Sancrotti M., Narducci E., Kovac J. and Venkataramani N.
"Tritiated water reduction by Zr[V0.5Fe0.5]2 getterv alloy: near surface chemistry investigation via XPS"
Vuoto XXVII/1, 29-32 (1998)
Ghezzi F.
"Getter bed for tritium handling: temperature evolution during loading sequences"
Vuoto XXVII/2, 13-16 (1998)
Beretta F.E. and Bonizzoni G.
"Enthalpy probe for the determination of thermal plasmas parameters"
Vuoto XXVII/3, 5-8 (1998)
Gervasini G.
"Quantitative analysis in mass spectrometry: the identification of N2 and CO with a quadrupole"
Vuoto XXVII/4, 19-22 (1998)

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