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International journals 1998

Sergeev A.M., Lontano M., Kim A.V., Gildenburg V.B., Chernobrovtseva M.D., Pozdnyakova V.I. and Shereshevskii I.A.
"Ionization-induced leaking-mode channeling of intense short laser pulses in gases"
Laser and Particle Beams 17, 129-138(1998)
Califano F. and Lontano M.
"Vlasov-Maxwell numerical simulations of large amplitude Langmuir wave dynamics"
Physica Scripta T75, 208-212 (1998)
Lontano M., Bortignon P. F., D´'Avanzo J., Malerba L. And Raimondi F.
"Collective effects in the slowing down of heavy ions in a collisionless plasma"
Physica Scripta T75, 276-279 (1998)

Califano F. and Lontano M.
"Vlasov simulations of strongly nonlinear oscillations in a one-dimensional electron-ions plasma"
Physical Review E 58, 6503-6511 (1998)
Minardi E.
"The relation between current density and pressure in the ohmic tokamak"
Physics LettersA 240, 70-72 (1998)
Bobrova N.A., Bulanov S., Farina D., Pozzoli R., Razinikova T.L., Sakai J. and Sasorov P.V.
"Dissipative MHD simulation of capillary plasmas for guiding of intense ultrashort laser pulses"
J. Phys. Soc. Japan 67, 3437-3442 (1998)
Bobrova N.A., Bulanov S., Farina D., Pozzoli R., Razinikova T.L., Sakai J. and Sasorov P.V.
"MHD simulations of capillary plasmas and capillary wall ablation"
Plasma Physics Reports 24, 1-8 (1998)
Farina D., Pozzoli R., and Tsidulko Yu.A.
"MHD wave dynamics close to a current sheet"
Electromagnetic Waves & Electronic Systems 3, 46-50 (1998)
Farina D., Pozzoli R., and Tsidulko Yu.A.
"Regular and chaotic dynamics of magnetoacoustic waves close to a current sheet"
Physica Scripta T75, 138- (1998)
Minardi E., Lazzaro E.
"Dissipative saturation structure and transport effects of self-excited microisland in tokamaks"
Nuclear Fusion 38, 1161-1176 (1998)
Lazzaro E., Gianoli L. and Valdettaro L.
"Linear frequency response of reconnecting perturbations"
Plasma Phys. Contr. Fusion 40, 1327-1334 (1998)
Lazzaro E. and Wilhelmsson
"Fast heat propagation in hot plasmas"
Physics of plasmas 5, 2830-2835 (1998)
Galli P., Cherubini A., De Angelis R., De Luca F., Erba M., Giannella R., Gorini G., Jacchia A., Jackel H., Mantica P., Parail V.V., Porte L., and Taroni A.
"Transient heat transport studies using laser ablated impurity injection in JET"
Nuclear Fusion 38, 1355-1371 (1998)
Gervasini G., Bonizzoni G., Laine A.D., Cepek C., Magnano E. and Sancrotti M.
"Characterization studies on low martensitic steels for fusion reactors"
J of Vacuum Science 48, 423-426 (1998)
Ghezzi F., Venkataramani N. and Bonizzoni G.
"Nature of rate limiting step in the reaction of cracking water molecules on a metallic"
Vacuum 48, 423-426 (1998)
Bersanelli M., Mattaini E., Sant'Ambrogio E., Simonetto A., Cirant S., Gandini F., Sozzi C., Mandolesi N. and Villa F.
A low-sidelobe, high frequency corrugated feed horn for CMB observations
Experimental Astronomy 8, 231-238 (1998)
D'Avanzo J., Hofmann I. and Lontano M.
Charge dependence of nonlinear stopping power
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Phys. Res. A 415, 632-636 (1998)

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