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Scientific reports 1997

Ramponi G., Lazzaro E. and Nowak S.
Potential of Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in ITER Regimes
FP 97/1 March 1997
Spinicchia N., Solari G. e Bruschi A.
Misure di potenza R.F. mediante carico adattato bolometrico
FP 97/2 Aprile 1997
Minardi E.
The Relation between Current Density and Pressure in the Ohmic Tokamak
FP 97/3 May 1997
Airoldi A. and Cenacchi G.
Ignition Approach in the Ignitor Experiment
FP 97/4 May 1997
Coelho R. and Lazzaro E.
Study of a non-linear coupling mechanism of tearing modes
FP 97/5 July 1997
Coelho R., Gianoli L. and Lazzaro E.
On electrodynamic forces applied by low frequency external helical currents to a tokamak plasma in a resistive regime
FP 97/6 July 1997
Many Authors
Contributed papers to the 7th European Fusion Theory Conference
8-10 October 1997, Julich - Germany
O-9 Lazzaro E., Coelho R., Nave M.F.
Aspects of driven reconnection of low order modes in tokamaks
P1-9 Lontano M., D´Avanzo J., Ryutov D.
Long-range perturbations produced by a packet of ionacoustic waves in a plasma
P1-26 Cenacchi G. and Airoldi A.
Considerations on the Ignitor performances
FP 97/7 October 1997
Ghezzi F.
Aging effects in tritides
FP 97/8 November 1997
Lazzaro E., Cercignani C., Gianoli L., Valdettaro L.
Linear frequency response of reconnecting perturbations
JET-IFP Task Agreement TA1/1
FP 97/9 November 1997
Bersanelli M., Mattaini E., Santambrogio E., Simonetto A., Cirant S., Gandini F., Sozzi C., Mandolesi N. and Villa F.
A Prototype feed horn at 120-150 GHz
Internal Report ITESRE 196/1997

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