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International journals 1997

Cirant S., D'Antona G., Lazzaro E. and Ramponi G.
"Measurement and control of the growth of rotating magnetic islands by Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in a Tokamak"
Fusion Technology 31, 338-349 (1997)
Airoldi A. and Ramponi G.
"Thermal and nonthermal electron cyclotron emission by high-temperature tokamak plasmas"
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 68, 509 (1997)   IF 1.042
Gorini G., Källne J. and Ballabio L.
"Neutron spectrometry for plasma rotation"
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 68, 561 (1997)   IF1.042
Askaryan G. A., Bulanov S. V., Dudnikova G. I., Esirkepov T. Zh., Lontano M., Meyer-ter-Vehn J., Pegoraro F., Pukhov A. M. and Vshivkov V. A.
"Magnetic interaction of ultrashort high-intensity laser pulses in plasmas"
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 39, A137 (1997)   IF 2.020
Gorini G., Ballabio L. and KŠllne J.
"Neutron spectrometry diagnostic of triton burn-up in deuterium fusion plasmas"
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 39, 61 (1997)   IF 2.020
Airoldi A. and Cenacchi G.
"Approach to ignition in the Ignitor experiment"
Nuclear Fusion 37, 1117 (1997)   IF 2.346
Lazzaro E., Campbell D., Debenedetti M., Savrukhin P. and Smolyakov A. I.
"Density scaling of the threshold for locked mode instability in the presence of toroidal field ripple in a tokamak"
Phys. Plasmas 4, 4017 (1997)   IF 1.570
Bulanov S., Lazzaro E. and Sakai J.
"Classical and quantum motion of charged particles in the vicinity of neutral surface of a magnetic field"
J. Phys. Soc. Japan 66, 3696-3699 (1997)
DÕAvanzo J., Lontano M. and Bortignon P.F. "Conditions for the observation of two-ion correlation effects in the interaction of a fast ion beam with a plasma target"
Il Nuovo Cimento D 19, 685 (1997)
Bulanov S.V., Lontano M. and Sasarov P.V.
"Ionization rate in the presence of runaway electrons"
Phys. Plasmas 4, 931 (1997)
Bulanov S.V., Esirkepov T. Zh., Lontano M. and Pegoraro F.
"The stability of single and double vortex films in the framework of the Hasegawa-Mima equation
Plasma Phys. Reports 23, 660 (1997)
Castaldo C., Lazzaro E., Lontano M. and Sergeev A.M.
"Spectral broadening of lower hybrid waves due to ponderomotiv effects"
Physics Letters A 230, 336 (1997)
Lontano M. and Raimondi F.
"Reply to "Comment on "Stopping power of nonmonochromatic heavy-ion clusters with two-ion correlation effects" " "
Phys. Rev. E 56, 6211 (1997)

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