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Scientific reports 1996

Minardi E.
Dissipative Saturation of Self-excited Magnetic Islands
FP 96/1 Jan 1996
D'Avanzo J., Lontano M. and Bortignon P.F.
Stopping Power of fast Ions in Plasmas: Conditions for the Observation of Two-ion Correlation Effects
FP 96/2 Feb 1996
Galasso G. and Gervasini G.
Sistemi di solenoidi per ottenere un campo magnetico statico a doppia cuspide
FP 96/3 Feb 1996
Minardi E.
Power Treshold of the L-H Transition Described by a Global Bifurcation of the Tokamak Equilibrium
FP 96/4 March 1996
D'Avanzo J., Hofmann I. and Lontano M.
Effective Charge in Heavy Ion Stopping in Classical Plasmas
FP 96/5 March 1996
D'Avanzo J.
Note sulle teorie standard dello stopping power di ioni pesanti in plasmi classici densi
FP 96/6 March 1996
D'Avanzo J. - Note sull'interazione di particelle cariche con i plasmi classici densi: fenomeni coinvolti e risultati sperimentali
FP 96/7 March 1996
Nowak S., Lazzaro E. and Ramponi G.
Self Diffraction Effects of Electron Cyclotron Gaussian Beams on non Inductively Driven Current in ITER
FP 96/8 March 1996
Bobrova N.A., Bulanov S.V., Farina D., Pozzoli R., Razinkova T.L. and Sasorov P.V.
Magnetohydrpdynamic Simulation of Capillary Plasmas
FP 96/9 March 1996
Airoldi A. and Ramponi G.
Thermal and Non-Thermal Electron Cyclotron Emission by High Temperature Tokamak Plasmas
FP 96/10 April 1996
Airoldi A. and Cenacchi G.
Ignition Approach under L-Mode Scaling in Ignitor
FP 96/11 May 1996
Gorini G., Ballabio L. and Kallne J.
Topics in Neutron Spectrometry of Fusion Burning Plasmas
FP 96/12 June 1996
Bonizzoni G., Gervasini G., Lontano M. and Venkataramani N.
Recovery of Tritium from Tritiated Exhaust by Plasma Device
FP 96/13 June 1996
Airoldi A. and Cenacchi G.
Electron Cyclotron Heating Effects on the FTU Plasma
FP 96/14 June 1996
Farina D. and Pozzoli R.
Trapping of fast Magnetoacoustic Wave Close to a X-Line in a Toroidal System
FP 96/15 June 1996
Castaldo C., Lazzaro E., Lontano M. and Sergeev A.
Spectral Broadening of Lower Hybrid Waves due to Ponderomotive Effects
FP 96/16 September 1996
Many Authors
Transport in Fusion Plasmas: Papers presented at the EU-US Workshop
Varenna, 2-5 September 1996
FP 96/17 September 1996
Many Authors (including Lazzaro E.)
JET Posters presented at the 23rd EPS Conference
Kiev, Ukraine, 24-28 June 1996
JET - P(96)30 September 1996
De Angeli M. e Ghezzi F.
Correlazioni tra misure di vacuometri operanti su differenti intervalli di pressione per la determinazione di isoterme di equilibrio di isotopi dell'idrogeno su lega getter
FP 96/18 September 1996
Bulanov S.V., Lontano M. and Sasarov P.V.
Ionization Rate in the Presence of Runaway Electrons
FP 96/19 October 1996
Minardi E.
Similarity Invariance of magnetic States and Nonlocal Transient Effects on Heat transport in Tokamaks
FP 96/20 October 1996
Ramponi G., Lazzaro E. and Nowak S.
Critical Issues in the Optimization Conditions for the Growth Control of Magnetic Islands by ECCD on ITER
FP 96/21 October 1996
Lontano M., Bonizzoni G. and Gervasini G.
Notes on the experimental research activity on radiofrequency plugging of cusped plasmas at Nagoya University
FP 96/22 October 1996
Lazzaro E.
Feedback Control Options for Resistive Modes in a Tokamak
FP 96/23 December 1996
Ballabio L., Gorini G. and Källne J.
ITER Tangential neutron Spectrometer for Measuremment of and
Uppsala Un iversity Report UU-NF 96/2 (1996)

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