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International journals 1996

Lazzaro E. and Ramponi G.
"Theory and calculation of current profile control near rotational surfaces in a tokamak by electron cyclotron waves"
Phys. Plasmas 3, 978 (1996)
Bulanov S.V., Lontano M., Esirkepov T.Zh., Pegoraro F. and Pukhov A.M.
"Electron vortices produced by ultraintense laser pulses"
Phys. Review Letters 76, 3562 (1996)
Antozzi P., Gorini G., Källne J. and Ranström E.
"Neutron wall emission in tokamaks and diagnostic effects"
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. in Phys. Res A368 457 (1996)
Lazzaro E. and Ramponi G., Figueiredo A.
"Calculation of electron cyclotron current drive consistent with tokamak transport"
Nuclear Fusion 36, 689 (1996)
De Luca F., Galli P., Gorini G., Jacchia A., Mantica P., Deliyanakis N., Erba M. and Porte L.
"Sawtooth heat pulse propagation in tokamaks: ballistic response and Fourier analysis"
Nuclear Fusion 36, 909 (1996)
Wilhelmsson H., Lazzaro E. and Cirant S.
"Sensitivity of Fusion Plasma Temperature Profiles to Localized and Distributed Heat Sources"
Physica Scripta 54, 385 (1996)
Lazzaro E. and Minardi E.
"Comment on 'Minimum Entropy Production Principle due to Ohmic Dissipation in Tokamaks and Determination of Non-inductive Current Density Profiles on JET' by DiVita and Brusati"
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 38, 1083 (1996)
D'Avanzo J., Hofmann I. and Lontano M.
"Effective Charge in Heavy Ion Stopping in Classical Collisionless Plasmas"
Phys. Plasmas 3, 3885 (1996)
Simonetto A., Muzzini V., Bruschi A., Cirant S., Granucci G. and Sozzi C.
"An Inexpensive Instrument to detect Radio-frequency leakage from Transmission lines at millimeter Wavelengths for Personnel Safety"
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 67, 4333 (1996)
Mantica P., Peters M., De Lauri A., De Luca F., Gorini G., Hogeweij G.M.D., Jacchia A., Lopes Cardozo N.J. and the RTP Team
"Radial profile and q-dependence of the electron diffusivity measured with ECH modulation in RTP"
Nuclear Fusion 36, 1317 (1996)

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