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International journals 1995

Lontano M. and Raimondi F.
"Stopping Power of Nonmonochromatic Heavy-ion Clusters with Two-correlation Effects"
Physical Review E 51, R2755 (1995)
Smolyakov A. I., Hirose A., Lazzaro E., Re G.B. and Callen J.D.
"Rotating Nonlinear Magnetic Islands in a Tokamak Plasma"
Phys. Plasmas 2, 1581 (1995)
Jacchia A., Mantica P., De Luca F., Galli P. and Gorini G.
"Nonlocal Diffusivity: Impact on Transient Transport Studies"
Phys. Plasmas 2, 4589 (1995)
D'Avanzo J., Lontano M., Tom E. and Bortignon P.F.
"Heavy-ion Interaction in a Nonisothermal Plasma with Two-ion Correlation Effects"
Physical Review E 52, 919 (1995)
Hogeweij G.M.D., De Luca F., Gorini G., Jacchia A., Konings J.A., Lopes Cardozo N.J., Mantica P., and Peters M.
"Studies of Transport in RTP Tokamak"
Physica Scripta 51, 627 (1995)
Gervasini G., Lazzaro E. and Minardi E.
"Neoclassical Transport and Poloidal Rotation at the L-H Transition"
Physica Scripta 52, 417 (1995)
Cirant S., Nowak S. and Orefice A.
"Wave Dispersion and Resonant Deposition Profiles of Electron-Cyclotron gaussian Beams in Toroidal plasmas"
J. Plasma Physics 53, 345 (1995)
Ghezzi F., Shmayda W.T., Venkataramani N. and Bonizzoni G.
"Efficient HTO Reduction Using a Zr-Fe-Mn Alloy"
Fusion Engineering and Design 28, 367 (1995)
Ghezzi F., Venkataramani N., Conte A., Bonizzoni G. and Shmayda W.T.
"Isotopic Water Handling and Hydrogen Isotope Recovery for Fusion Application by Using the Zr(V0.5Fe0.5)2 Alloy"
Fusion Technology 27, 458 (1995)
Peters M., Gorini G. and Mantica P.
"Optical Thickness Corrections to ECE Transient Electron Temperature Measurements in Tokamak and Stellarator Plasmas"
Nucl. Fusion 35, 873 (1995)

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