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Articolo in rivista 2018

L Vignitchouk , S Ratynskaia, M Kantor, P Tolias, M De Angeli, H van der Meiden, J Vernimmen, F Brochard, A Shalpegin ,E Thorén and J-P Banon
Disruption avoidance through the prevention of NTM destabilization in TCV
Plasma physics and controlled fusion 60 , 115002 (2018)
Nicola Bonanomi, Paola Mantica, Jonathan Citrin, Tobias Görler and Bogdan Teaca
Impact of electron-scale turbulence and multi-scale interactions in the JET tokamak
Nuclear fusion 58 , 124003 (2018)
U.A. Sheikh, B.P. Duval, C. Galperti, M. Maraschek, O. Sauter, C. Sozzi, G. Granucci, M. Kong, B. Labit, A. Merle, N. Rispoli, The TCV Team and The EUROfusion MST1 Team
Disruption avoidance through the prevention of NTM destabilization in TCV
Nuclear fusion 58 , 106026 (2018)
Connor J.W., Hastie R.J., Marchetto C., Roach C.M.
A one-dimensional tearing mode equation for pedestal stability studies in tokamaks
Journal of Plasma Physics 84 , 725840301 (2018)
T. Franke , P. Agostinetti, G. Aiello , K. Avramidis, Ch. Bachmann, A. Bruschi, G. Federici, S. Garavaglia, G. Granucci, G. Grossetti, J. Jelonnek, J.-M. Noterdaeme, A. Simonin, T. Scherer, P. Sonato, D. Strauss, M. Q. Tran, A. Valentine, P. Vincenzi, R. Wenninger, and S. Zheng
Review of the Innovative H&CD Designs and the Impact of Their Configurations on the Performance of the EU DEMO Fusion Power Plant Reactor
Grasso, D., Borgogno, D., Comisso, L., & Lazzaro, E.
Island suppression by electron cyclotron current drive as converse of a forced reconnection problem
Journal of Plasma Physics 84 , 745840302 (2018)
Matteo Pedroni, Stefano Morandi, Tiziana Silvetti, Anna Cremona, Giuseppe Gittini, Antonio Nardone, Fabrizio Pallotta, Milena Brasca, and Espedito Vassallo
Bacteria inactivation by atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics: Materials, Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena 36 , 01A107 (2018)
E Lazzaro, D Borgogno, D Brunetti, L Comisso, O Fevrier, D Grasso, H Lutjens, P Maget, S Nowak, O Sauter, C Sozzi and the EUROfusion MST1 Team
Physics conditions for robust control of tearing modes in a rotating tokamak plasma
Plasma physics and controlled fusion 60 , 014044 (2018)
Farina, D.
Nonlinear collisionless electron cyclotron interaction in the pre-ionisation stage
Nuclear fusion 58 , 066012 (2018)
Batistoni, P., Popovichev, S., Ghani, Z., Cufar, A., Giacomelli, L., Hawkins, P., Keogh, K., Jednorog, S., Laszynska, E., Loreti, S., Peacock, A., Pillon, M., Price, R., Reed, A., Rigamonti, D., Stephens, J., Bielecki, J., Conroy, S., Dankowski, J., Krasilnikov, V.
14 MeV calibration of JET neutron detectors-phase 2: in-vessel calibration
Nuclear fusion 58 , 106016 (2018)
Salewski, M., Nocente, M., Madsen, B., Abramovic, I, Fitzgerald, M., Gorini, G., Hansen, P. C., Heidbrink, W. W., Jacobsen, A. S., Jensen, T., Kiptily, V. G., Klinkby, E. B., Korsholm, S. B., Kurki-Suonio, T., Larsen, A. W., Leipold, F., Moseev, D., Nielsen, S. K., Pinches, S. D., Rasmussen, J., Rebai, M., Schneider, M., Shevelev, A., Sipila, S., Stejner, M., Tardocchi, M.
Alpha-particle velocity-space diagnostic in ITER
Nuclear fusion 58 , 096019 (2018)
Salewski, M., Nocente, M., Jacobsen, A. S., Binda, F., Cazzaniga, C., Eriksson, J., Geiger, B., Gorini, G., Hellesen, C., Kiptily, V. G., Koskela, T., Korsholm, S. B., Kurki-Suonio, T., Leipold, F., Moseev, D., Nielsen, S. K., Rasmussen, J., Schneider, P. A., Sharapov, S. E., Stejner, M., Tardocchi, M.
Bayesian Integrated Data Analysis of Fast-Ion Measurements by Velocity-Space Tomography
Fusion Science and Technology 74 , 23 (2018)
Zhou, Tianfu, Liu, Yong, Ti, Ang, Figini, Lorenzo, Zhao, Hailin, Zhu, Zeying, Ling, Bili
Synthetic Diagnostic for Interpreting the ECE Spectrum on EAST
Fusion Science and Technology 74 , 154 (2018)
Baiocchi, B., Bin, W., Bruschi, A., Figini, L., Tartari, U., Alessi, E., Buratti, P., D'Arcangelo, O., Giovannozzi, E., Lontano, M., Pucella, G.
Data analysis tools and coding activity in support of the FTU Collective Thomson Scattering diagnostic
Journal of Instrumentation 13 , 55 (2018)
Ratynskaia, S., Tolias, P., De Angeli, M., Rohde, V., Herrmann, A., Ripamonti, D., Riva, G., Thoren, E., Vignitchouk, L., Sieglin, B., Krieger, K., Neu, R.
Interaction of metal dust adhered on castellated substrates with the ELMy H-mode plasmas of ASDEX-Upgrade
Nuclear fusion 58 , 106023 (2018)
Angioni C., Fable E., Manas P., Mantica P., Schneider P.A.
Dependence of the turbulent particle flux on hydrogen isotopes induced by collisionality
Physics of Plasmas 25 , 082517 (2018)
Boboc A., Gil C., Terranova D., Orsitto F.P., Soare S., Lotte P., Sozzi C., Imazawa R., Kubo H.
Feasibility of a far infrared laser based polarimeter diagnostic system for the JT-60SA fusion experiment
Plasma physics and controlled fusion 60 , 075016 (2018)
Brunetti, Daniele, Graves, J. P., Lazzaro, E., Mariani, A., Nowak, S., Cooper, W. A., Wahlberg, C.
Analytic study on low-n external ideal infernal modes in tokamaks with large edge pressure gradients
Journal of plasma physics 84 , 745840201 (2018)
Tolias P., Riva G., De Angeli M., Ratynskaia S., Daminelli G., Lungu C.P., Porosnicu C.
Adhesive force distributions for tungsten dust deposited on bulk tungsten and beryllium-coated tungsten surfaces
Nuclear materials and energy 15 , 55 (2018)
E. Poli, A. Bock, M. Lochbrunner, O. Maj, M. Reich, A. Snicker, A. Stegmeir, F. Volpe, N. Bertelli, R. Bilato, G.D. Conway, D. Farina, F. Felici, L. Figini, R. Fischer, C. Galperti, T. Happel, Y.R. Lin-Liu, N.B. Marushchenko, U. Mszanowski, F.M. Poli, J. Stober, E. Westerhof, R. Zille, A.G. Peeters, G.V. Pereverzev
TORBEAM 2.0, a paraxial beam tracing code for electron-cyclotron beams in fusion plasmas for extended physics applications
Computer Physics Communications 225 , 36 (2018)
Bonanomi N., Mantica P., Di Siena A., Delabie E., Giroud C., Johnson T., Lerche E., Menmuir S., Tsalas M., Van Eester D.
Turbulent transport stabilization by ICRH minority fast ions in low rotating JET ILW L-mode plasmas
Nuclear Fusion 58 , 056025 (2018)
Poli, F. M., Fredrickson, E. D., Henderson, M. A., Kim, S-H., Bertelli, N., Poli, E., Farina, D., Figini, L.
Electron cyclotron power management for control of neoclassical tearing modes in the ITER baseline scenario
Nuclear fusion 58 , 016007 (2018)
Plyusnin, V. V., Reux, C., Kiptily, V. G., Pautasso, G., Decker, J., Papp, G., Kallenbach, A., Weinzettl, V., Mlynar, J., Coda, S., Riccardo, V., Lomas, P., Jachmich, S., Shevelev, A. E., Alper, B., Khilkevitch, E., Martin, Y., Dux, R., Fuchs, C., Duval, B., Brix, M., Tardini, G., Maraschek, M., Treutterer, W., Giannone, L., Mlynek, A., Ficker, O., Martin, P., Gerasimov, S., Potzel, S., Paprok, R., McCarthy, P. J., Imrisek, M., Boboc, A., Lackner, K., Fernandes, A., Havlicek, J., Giacomelli, L., Vlainic, M., Nocente, M., Kruezi, U.
Comparison of runaway electron generation parameters in small, medium-sized and large tokamaks-A survey of experiments in COMPASS, TCV, ASDEX-Upgrade and JET
Nuclear fusion 58 , 016014 (2018)
Brunetti, D., Graves, J. P., Lazzaro, E., Mariani, A., Nowak, S., Cooper, W. A., Wahlberg, C.
Analytic stability criteria for edge MHD oscillations in high performance ELM free tokamak regimes
Nuclear fusion 58 , 014002 (2018)
D'Arcangelo, O., Bin, W., Bruschi, A., Cappelli, M., Fanale, F., Gittini, G., Pallotta, F., Rocchi, G., Tudisco, O., Garavaglia, S., Granucci, G., Moro, A., Tuccillo, A. A.
New receiving line for the remote-steering antenna of the 140 GHz CTS diagnostics in the FTU Tokamak
Journal of instrumentation 13 , C01012 (2018)
Douai, D., Goodman, T., Isayama, A., Fukumoto, M., Wauters, T., Sozzi, C., Coda, S., Blanchard, P., Figini, L., Garavaglia, S., Miyata, Y., Moro, A., Ricci, D., Silva, M., Theiler, C., Vartanian, S., Verhaegh, K.
Development of helium electron cyclotron wall conditioning on TCV
Nuclear fusion 58 , 026018 (2018)
Batistoni, P., Popovichev, S., Cufar, A., Ghani, Z., Giacomelli, L., Jednorog, S., Klix, A., Lilley, S., Laszynska, E., Loreti, S., Packer, L., Peacock, A., Pillon, M., Price, R., Rebai, M., Rigamonti, D., Roberts, N., Tardocchi, M., Thomas, D.
14 MeV calibration of JET neutron detectors-phase 1: calibration and characterization of the neutron source
Nuclear fusion 58 , 026012 (2018)
Bonanomi, N., Mantica, P., Citrin, J., Giroud, C., Lerche, E., Sozzi, C., Taylor, D., Tsalas, M., Van Eester, D.
Effects of nitrogen seeding on core ion thermal transport in JET ILW L-mode plasmas
Nuclear fusion 58 , 026028 (2018)
Bonanomi, N., Mantica, P., Giroud, C., Angioni, C., Manas, P., Menmuir, S.
Light impurity transport in JET ILW L-mode plasmas
Nuclear fusion 58 , 036009 (2018)
Simonetto, A., Platania, P., Garavaglia, S., Gittini, G., Granucci, G., Pallotta, F.
Design of an Ultra-wide Band Waveguide Transition for the Ex-vessel Transmission Line of ITER Plasma Position Reflectometry
Journal of infrared, millimeter, and terahertz waves 39 , 131 (2018)
Martinez-Fernandez, J., Simonetto, A., Cappa, A., Rincon, M. E., Cabrera, S., Ramos, F. J.
Performance Analysis of the ITER Plasma Position Reflectometry (PPR) Ex-vessel Transmission Lines
Journal of infrared, millimeter, and terahertz waves 39 , 273 (2018)
Vassallo E., Pedroni M., Spampinato V., Deambrosis S.M., Miorin E., Ricci E., Zin V.
Effect of alumina coatings on corrosion protection of steels in molten lead
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 36 , 01A105 (2018)
Gobbin M., Li L., Liu Y.Q., Marrelli L., Nocente M., Papp G., Pautasso G., Piovesan P., Valisa M., Carnevale D., Esposito B., Giacomelli L., Gospodarczyk M., McCarthy P.J., Martin P., Suttrop W., Tardocchi M., Teschke M., the ASDEX Upgrade Team, the EUROfusion MST1 Team
Runaway electron mitigation by 3D fields in the ASDEX-Upgrade experiment
Plasma physics and controlled fusion 60 , 014036 (2018)
Maraschek M., Gude A., Igochine V., Zohm H., Alessi E., Bernert M., Cianfarani C., Coda S., Duval B., Esposito B., Fietz S., Fontana M., Galperti C., Giannone L., Goodman T., Granucci G., Marrelli L., Novak S., Paccagnella R., Pautasso G., Piovesan P., Porte L., Potzel S., Rapson C., Reich M., Sauter O., Sheikh U., Sozzi C., Spizzo G., Stober J., Treutterer W., ASDEX Upgrade team, TCV team, the EUROfusion MST1 Team
Path-oriented early reaction to approaching disruptions in ASDEX Upgrade and TCV in view of the future needs for ITER and DEMO
Plasma physics and controlled fusion 60 , 014047 (2018)

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