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Skills and projects

The research activities and the qualification of IFP within the scientific community are divided into several Research Areas, with the aim of enhancing existing skills and promoting the development of new ones in line with the new Organization and Operation Regulation (ROF) of the National Research Council.

A Research Area is defined as an ensemble of skills whereby ISTP-Milan researchers and technologists share their experience and expertise to carry out research activities within national and international projects, service contracts, free-of-charge themed research activities.

In addition, and in accordance with the CNR's Organization and Operation Regulation (ROF, June 1st, 2015), the management and operational organization of the Institute's activities are carried out in the form of projects, each of which is considered in bijective correspondence with one and only active contract, Grant, or other kind of external funding of the Institute, and so each one is defined.

Examples of Topics and Skills currently present at ISTP-Milan are :

  1. Theory & Modeling
  2. Diagnostic
  3. Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ECRH)
  4. Plasma and laboratory technologies

Board of the Institute

The Board of the Institute, in office for 4 years, represents the internal scientific community and has the task of expressing to the Director opinions on the development of skills, progress of the activities, on the mission of the institute, formulating proposals for improving the quality of research carried out and on the development of skills, as indicated in Article 13 of the CNR Organization and Operation Regulations.

The Board of the Institute was elected in 2019 and currently in office following the promulgation of the new CNR Organization and Operation Regulations. It consists of the following ISTP members:

Daniela Farina (Presidente), Edoardo Alessi, Susanna Cappello, Giorgio Dilecce, Saul Garavaglia, Emilio Martines, Daniele Minelli, Maria Rutigliano, David Terranova, Enrico Zampiva.

Transparent Administration

The Institute carries out its activities in compliance with the provisions of the regulations in force in terms of:

Transparent administration

Directional appointments

Procedures, assignments and activities

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