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Since 2015 at the Montanelli Gardens and the National Science and Technology Museum, scientific events have been organized to promote the European Researchers' Night (www.meetmetonight.it).

In 2015 the IFP shared with the Plasma Physics Group of the Milano-Bicocca University an exhibition space dedicated to energy and new materials.

Recently, for the 2017 edition of the initiative, the IFP joined the Milan Polytechnic stand "THE SUN IN A BOX: DISCOVER THE PLASMA PHYSICS".

With a plasma tube, a model of the ITER experiment, sample of components, informative videos and above all the enthusiasm, together with the researchers of the Politecnico we met many, interested and curious people.

MEET me TONIGHT, as well as other popular events in the Researchers' Night, is a precious opportunity to bring society closer to the themes the problems and the challenges of scientific research.

Download the brochure created by IFP for the MEETmeTONIGHT 2017: brochure_IFP

A popular poster presented at MEETmeTONIGHT is also available.

The initiative proved to be successful and the stand welcomed many visitors, like young kids from elementary schools and older people as well, all intrigued by the topics related to energy.

IFP believes that initiatives of this kind can be a stimulus to get people closer to the themes and problems of the scientific research.

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