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The contribution of IFP to specific topics and projects for ITER is also articulated through contracts stipulated with the ITER IO and Fusion For Energy Agencies.

In particular, these Grants are currently active:

  • ITER (IO)

VITROCIESET ITER IO / 16CT-SAP 6000000181: Support in the finalization of the design and integration of ITER diagnostic systems, particularly in relation to the different phases of approval for implementation. The contract aims to provide the definition of project specifications, the execution of diagnostic efficiency assessments in relation to the requirements of the individual systems and an assessment of the reliability and maintainability.

ITER IO / 17 / CT / 4300001495: The contract concerns the realization of the final design of components associated with the ITER Electronic Cyclotron Heating System. In particular, a reflecting mirror and an absorber are provided to protect components inside the vacuum vessel, to be installed and used in the first operating phases of ITER. The project aims at the final design of the reflector and the absorber and the production of the relative documentation in terms of Design Justification, conformity, costs and completion time. The project will end with the revision of the same by ITER.

  • Fusion For Energy (F4E)

F4E-FPA-375-SG05: contract in the Framework Parthership Agreement with F4E on reflectometry for the determination of the plasma position of ITER. The specific contract concerns the development of the project for three reflectometers in the 'port' and 'port plug' of ITER. The contract is owned by CIEMAT (ESP) and IFP provides a concentrated contribution in the design of microwave components.

F4E-FPA-327-SG04: Conceptual design of the gamma spectrometers of ITER so-called RGRS (Radial Gamma Ray Spectrometers) and their interfaces with the Radial Neutorn Camera.

F4E-GRT-615 (extension of Grant F4E-GRT-161): contract for development of the final design of the ITER EC H & CD Upper Launcher (UL) to enable ITER IO to proceed with the development of Procurement Arrangement (PA) and to formulate its technical specifications. IFP is involved in the activities concerning the "Performance Analysis" and "Global design of the Upper Launcher" tasks.

F4E-GRT-553: contract concerning the development of the European Gyrotron for ITER, continuation of previous contracts (GRT432, GRT049) within the European Consortium EGYC (European Gyrotron Consortium) and the specific involvement of VET regards the design and implementation of bolometric loads adapted for the same Gyrotron tests (1 MW, 170 GHz, CW) which include high-power project tests at European and extra-European laboratories.

F4E-OPE-0501: contract for defining specifications for the ITER ECRH system control system.

F4E-CONSORZIO RFX-NBTF: contract related to the design and procurement of neutron diagnostics for the SPIDER and MITICA experiments. The contract supports two lines of activity: activities on neutron diagnostics (tests on the new large-scale prototype, design of interface components and integration in PRIMA, list of components for the preparation of contracts, definition of assembly procedures, installation and testing and development of data analysis programs supported by benchmark experiments on neutron beam structures) and activities on MITICA neutron diagnostics (detailed project of neutron diagnostics, definition of the installation procedure of the vacuum components, integration in PRIMA and design of components interface).

F4E-OPE-757: the contract concerns the supply of a matched load adapted to 170 GHz, 2 MW continuous (CW), complete with the necessary equipment for the reduction of the stray power, the calibration of the bolometric measurement and the study of the solution for usage with reduced (50 mm) waveguide diameter.

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