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ISTP is arranged within the National Research Council, which is the largest and most important Italian Research Institute.

The CNR's mission, set in its Statute is to carry out, disseminate and promote research activities in key areas of knowledge and study their application for scientific, technological and economic development in the country.

This is accomplished through a widespread organization across the country and structured in 7 Departments. ISTP belongs to the Department of Physical science and material technologies coordinates the physical-material area. The fundamental thematic research areas are the development of nano-structures based on semiconductors, oxides, organic and magnetic materials, superconductors and hybrids, laser and photonic systems, sensors and devices with microelectronics applications, energy, health care and ict; advances instrumentation and new methods of investigation in order to extend the knowledge regarding the science of soft condensed material, the complex material and the biological systems at all levels..

These are the web pages of the 7 CNR Departments:

Biomedical sciences

Earth and environment

Physics and matter

Bio and agri-food

Chemistry and materials technology

Engineering, ICT, Energy and Transport

Human Science and Cultural Herritage

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