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IFP has established collaborations in the fields of science and technology with many national and international institutions.

  • The Institute traditionally collaborates with the ENEA Frascati Research Center, mainly on issues related to ECRH power experiment on tokamak FTU with both the ECRH facility and during FTU operations, with IFP researchers as responsible officers.
  • National collaborations and conventions are currently active with the University of Milan, the Politecnico di Milano, the Politecnico di Torino and with several CNR institutes: IGI-CNR, IENI-CNR, ISM-CNR, IIET-CNR.
  • Collaboration with the University of Milan-Bicocca is also extended to the didactic field, with Physics Laboratory courses for Master degree, performed on the linear GyM operating device at IFP lab.

IFP is then part of the European EUROFusion Lab Consortium in the framework of Horizon2020, with institutional collaborations with several European laboratories and participations in technology projects. Scientific and technological research collaborations are also established under specific contracts signed by the European Fusion Energy Agency (F4E) in consortium with other European laboratories, as well as directly by the ITER IO Organization.

In addition to the above, there are currently collaborations with CCFE-JET (UK), SPC-EPFL Lausanne (CH), IPP-Garching (GER), IPP-Greifswald (GER), KIT-Karlsruhe (GER), IPF-Stuttgart GER), DIFFER (NED), DTU (NED), CEA (FRA), CIEMAT (SPA), University of Nice-Marseille (FRA), IPPLM (POL), Warwick University, UK Uppsala University, (SVE), EAST-Hefei (RPC), GA-San Diego (USA), IAP-RAS-Nizhny Novgorod (RUS).

Other partners with whom IFP recently collaborated are IENI-CNR, ISMAC-CNR, INFN-LNS-Catania, Institute of Applied Physics (RUS), IST (POR), IOFFE (RUS), JSi Ljubljana (SLO).

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