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IFP researchers are presently involved into these ongoing experiments on Tokamak devices:

  • FTU

Plasma assisted start-up experiments with EC waves injection

Collective Thomson Scattering Experiments in presence of magnetic islands

  • AUG and TCV (MST-1 Program)

Disruption avoidance using ECCD in high beta conditions

ELM mitigation using edge ECRH

Advanced NTM physics

ECRH wall conditioning and in Helium

Plasma assisted start-up experiments with EC waves injection

Transport model validation for hybrid scenarios develpment

  • JET

Fast particle e-m stabilization on turbulent transport

ICRH scenarios for DT

H-D-3He ICRH scenario test

Isotope effect on confinement and transport

ICRH heating schemes in H plasmas

Three-ion ICRF scenario development

Ion and electron threshold and stiffness in Hydrogen

Further information concerning other experiments activities during past experimental campaigns can be found in the dedicated pages with Research Activities, in the Publications archive and included into IFP Annual Reports.

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