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A 12-pixels diamond based neutron spectrometer matrix has been built in a collaboration between the ISTP-Milan (fka IFP-CNR Milan) and the Institute of the Structure of Matter (ISM-CNR Rome.

Rivelatore di neutroni a matrice di diamanti
SDD Matrix - Neutron detector
The spectrometer is equipped with fast electronics and digital acquisition, allows for the first time combined fast neutron spectroscopy (>1 MeV), good energy resolution (<3% at 14 MeV) and high count-rate capability.
Each pixel is made of a single crystal diamond of area 4x4x0.5 mm3 and is grown using the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique.
The diamond matrix will be used to take high energy resolution measurements of the 14MeV neutron spectra created in Deuterium-Tritium plasmas within the JET tokamak. Moreover, the diamond matrix is also capable of measuring 2.5 MV neutron spectra from Deuterium plasma with limited energy resolution.
The new detector features the advantages of being compact, insensitive to magnetic field and radiation resistant, which makes it ideal for use on neutron cameras of future burning plasma experiments such as ITER or DEMO.
Further information on the detector and its applications can be found at this link esa-fusion technologies or contacting directly Dr. marco.tardocchiATistp.cnr.it 

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