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In February, the Medium Size Tokamak (MST-1) campaign successfully started on ASDEX Upgrade and run for about six months. Much of the programme is dedicated to optimising the baseline and hybrid scenarios in the presence of metal walls, including the control of plasma instabilities and impurities as well as investigating detached divertor configurations. ASDEX Upgrade was the only machine available to EUROfusion in 2014, as TCV and MAST were undergoing upgrades. 

Operated by IPP in Germany, ASDEX Upgrade is equipped with a tungsten wall (one of the planned ITER wall materials) and it can create ITER-like high power loads at the reactor wall. It scales up to JET, which enables a stepped approach to the development of ITER plasma regimes of operation.

Therefore, 40 out of its planned 80 experimentation days are available to the consortium. Scientists from all over Europe conduct the experiments. Most came a few weeks to participate in specific experiments, but a small number visited for the whole campaign to support their critical diagnostic systems. Even though research on ASDEX Upgrade has always been conducted within an international framework, this new scheme brought considerable changes

In 2015, the CRPP tokamak TCV entered the European Programme. The tokamak TCV allows very flexible magnetic configurations. It is operated by CRPP in Switzerland. During 2014 TCV undergone a major upgrade in heating power. From 2015 it will investigates proof of principle concepts of snowflake divertor configurations, which could reduce the heat loads at this area of the reactor wall. 

The spherical tokamak MAST operated by CCFE in the UK is being upgraded to investigate especially the super-X divertor – a magnetic configuration that spreads the heat loads at the divertor area. MAST-Upgrade campaigns are planned for 2016.


We are deeply involved into the MST-1 international programme, with proposals for experiments and participation to the experimental campaigns.

ISTP-Milan carries on activities within MST-1 program on these topics:

  • Transport related activities
- Integrated improved H-mode scenario with low and high radiative fraction in D and H

- Dimensionless ρ∗ and β scaling of confinement and turbulence in standard and improved H-modes

- Bulk ion heating with 3He minority heating on AUG

  • ECRH related activities

- NTM onset mechanisms at low rotation without triggers

- NTM control using ECCD

- The O1 heating scheme for ITER

- Disruption Avoidance

- Wall Cleaning experiments using EC waves

- ELMs control with EC waves deposition at plasma edge

  • Fast ions related activities

- Off-axis neutral beam current drive

- Effect of Alfvén instabilities on fast ions

- Effect of sawteeth on fast ions

- Combined effect of ELMs and magnetic perturbation on fast ions

Further information on ISTP-Milan activities in the framework of Medium Size Tokamak programme can be found in the Tokamak Experiments page.

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