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Research groups and activities in the framework of open Grants: 

  • EUROfusion (M. Lontano, G. Granucci) 
    Participation to the experimental campaigns at JET, AUG and TCV
    Preparation and exploitation of the D-T campaing at JET
    Preparation of the EU-JA experimental programme for JT-60SA
    "Runaway electron" studies on FTU tokamak
    Plasma scenarios and equilibrium configuration studies for a demonstration reactor (DEMO)
    Participation to Integrated Tokamak Modeling (ITM) activities
    Plasma heating and current drive activities coordination
    Plasma-wall interaction studies with GYM linear device
    Project-Area leadership for the development of the ECRH system for DEMO
    Materials and surface analysis (XRD and neutron diffraction)
    MHD real time control experiments with ECRH
    Development and characterization of the ECRH antenna for the ECRH/CD system of JT-60SA tokamak
    Study of the plasma-wall interaction and contribution to the realization of the DTT device


  • Microwaves Applications (A. Bruschi) 
    Collective Thomson Scattering (CTS) experiments in presence of magnetic islands
    Development of matched loads for millimeter waves and ECRH systems
    Development of components for the calibration of high power microwave sources
  • Microwave Measurements (A. Simonetto)
    Reflectometry diagnostic development for plasma position and control studies
    Reflectivity measurements in the 14-220GHz band of a radiometer calibrator for the METOP-SG satellite
  • Modelling of Transport Processes (P. Mantica)
  • Nuclear Diagnostics (M. Tardocchi)
    Neutron diagnostics development for DT ratio control
    Diagnostic upgrades (DPL for γ ray camera)
    Conceptual design of the ITER gamma spectrometers so-called RGRS (Radial Gamma Ray Spectrometers) and their interfaces with the Radial Neutron Camera
    Development and realization of thermal neutron detectors based on GEM + 3D cathodes technology, for applications to the future ESS spallation source
    Development of GEM-based fast neutron monitors and diamond detectors and a TPR-type spectrometer for energy ranges of 10 MeV to hundreds of MeV
    Development and construction of diagnostic systems to measure the power of the deuterium ion beam produced by the source for heating the thermonuclear plasma in ITER and the study of the physics of the ignited plasmas
  • Engineering services for ITER tokamak diagnostic systems (C. Sozzi)
  • Design, analysis and documentation to produce the ITER ECH&CD Upper Launcher Final Design (D. Farina)
  • Design of in-vessel components for ECRH operations in ITER (A. Moro)
  • Nuclear Materials (E. Vassallo)
    Plasma treatment of polymeric materials to increase the adhesion properties of the polymer to the subsequent deposition of metal coating
    Plasma reactors for thin film deposition processes under conditions of low process pressure and low temperature
    Morphological characterization by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and in collaboration with other institutions with electron microscopy (SEM)
  • Collaboration IFP-SPC EPFL Lausanne (G. Granucci)
    Design of hig power mm-wave components
    Supporting the operations with the ECRH system of TCV tokamak during the experimental campaigns
    Exploitation of experiments on TCV tokamak
    Microwave component tests at SPC-EPFL
  • Expertise Development (M. Lontano)


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