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Physicist. I joined IFP in July 2004 as temporary fellow until 2010, when I obtained a permanent position as researcher.
I received my Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy from Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca in 2009,

Curriculum Vitae

Activity at IFP

Modeling of complex optical systems for millimeter waves applications at low and high power.

Design and optimization of components and systems for high power millimeter waves for fusion plasmas applications in present (FTU) and future devices (ITER, JT-60SA, DEMO).

Design, installation and commissioning of an electron cyclotron resonance heating antenna for real time experiments on the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade. Scientific coordinator for plasma physics experiments on national (FTU) and international devices (TCV).

Conduction of the ECRH System of the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade (4 Gyrotron units for 0.5 MW each, 140 GHz, 0.5 s) during operations in the experimental cam- paigns by the ECRH team of IFP Milano and of the ECRH System of the Tokamak á Configuration Variable (6 Gyrotron units at 82.7 GHz, 3 Gyrotron units at 118 GHz, 4 MW total power, 2 s pulses) during operations in the experimental campaigns with the ECRH team of Swiss Plasma Center (SPC-TCV) Lausanne.

Acquired experience in experimental and laboratory physics.

Earned experience in scientific divulgation in the form of exhibitions, public informa- tion, seminars and students tutoring.

Relevant publications

Observation of short time-scale spectral emissions at millimeter wavelengths with the new CTS diagnostic on the FTU tokamak
Nuclear fusion 57 (2017) 076004
Experiments on magneto-hydrodynamics instabilities with ECH/ECCD in FTU using a minimal real-time control system
Nuclear fusion 55 (2015) 083010
Use of MHD markers as a tool for EC steering launcher calibration in FTU
(2014) P5.065
Guidelines for internal optics optimization of the ITER EC H&CD upper launcher
(2014) 550
In vessel characterization and first power tests on plasma of the Real-Time controllable EC launcher on FTU Tokamak
(2012) 02018

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